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The Game Craftsmen team!
"These guys rock!" -Blake Commagere


Syfy Ventures

Game Craftsmen and Syfy Ventures are thrilled to have closed a deal for seed funding and distribution. Their reach and resources, combined with our passion for engaging player experience is a winning combination.

Building a Galaxy

The Mecha Galaxy Beta gets more interesting every day. Development rockets forward, while the beta players explore new features relentlessly.

Kickstarter Reaches 229%

Our Kickstarter has come to a successful close, raising 229% of our initial goal! Thanks everyone! Enjoy the beta.

Syfy Love

NBC's Syfy Channel has given us a small taste of their distribution power here. More to come when we're ready for the open public.

Beta Community

Our Beta Community is live on Facebook. Only 250 Beta codes were given out, but it's a delightfully lively group.

Mecha Galaxy Beta Launched

Mecha Galaxy is now live to a very small number of users. They're playing at a frenzied pace. Content we had designed to last 3 weeks has been consumed in the first 16 hours. Eep!


Our Kickstarter is live! Take a look and if you like it, make our day! Thanks

A Glorious History of the Mecha Galaxy Alpha

In the beginning, there were only the creators. Accreted silicon disks spun into operation and a universe was born. It's laws were blunt and contradictory at first, but they deepened, refined and spread to every corner of interaction. Mecha Galaxy trembled as its core matured.

The "FirstPlayers" arrived, Steven Hall and Oki O'Conn, the first of all players to gaze upon those splendid starfields of war, rose as paragons of Mecha Galaxy before the dawn of the "Leaderboard."

A song rang in the fringes as "FreindsOfDevs" made their presence known. Alex Peake looked upon it, and saw that it was good. Adam Faber took his crown, and stood as the most powerful player under December's moon.

But those vague times could not support one official victor. Soon, The Leaderboard would hold all accountable. It opened, and the vying hosts came for Adam's seat.

Zephyr Pellerin annihilated all rivals. Upon the invention of the Leaderboard, Zepher was the first to appear beside the "#1" glyph.

For an age, none could sunder Zepher from his sceptre, until, like a flame in a regal wood, Jaime Beltrain made his place in this cosmic game. With no Beta code, he found his way in. With unflinching resolve, he crept his way through the branches, until one day, having consolidated his hard-won power, he engulfed Zephyr in his merciless fire.

Jamie Beltran's rule will be remembered as a peaceful time, a time of feature expansion and style refactoring.

Weeks passed with Jaime rested at #1, but the cosmos knows only strife, and James Reischutz found his way to the throne. Not satisfied with merely surpassing all players, James continued to rise in level, even breaking the ceiling of the physical laws and reaching "Bug Level" James held power unrivaled, and as the Alpha came to a close, it was James who watched his galaxy set.

History marches on. With the rise of the Beta, and the Inaugural Galactic Senate, who's names shall follow? Could it be you?


Game Craftsmen

San Francisco, CA, 94103 USA